We have the technical knowledge and experience in Servicing & Repairs of Mercedes Benz & BMW Automatic Transmission as well as Manual transmission. All repairs works are accordingly within the manufacturer's specification manual.  All repairs comes with warranty.

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   Knowledgeable & experience with both Continental & Japanese transmission repairs & service, Trouble shooting & Electronic Diagnosing with OEM and Original Diagnostic Equipments. 

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Usual Complaints on Auto-Transmission

1. Jerk when acceleration/during gear shifting
2. Lost of power.
3. Refuse to engage gear when cold
4. No shifting of gears
5. Oil leak
6. Car could not mover even at "D" position
7. Lack of response


Usual Complaints on Manual-Transmission

1. Judder when acceleration
2. Lost of power.
3. Dragging/Loud/high Engine rpm while on acceleration
4. Whining/Humming noise while cruising
5. Difficulties in engaging gears
6. Burning Smell

Usual Maintenance of gear box: Manual & Transmission

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