Short Introduction

My name is Daniel. I am the Service advisor/Technician and had been working as a car mechanic since 1973. When I first started as an apprentice, working hours starts from 7am till midnight. There is no limited scope of work to be done every day in and day out and that include every Sunday & Public Holidays except Chinese new year. Life was really hardship learning rope of how to repair diesel & petrol cars ranging from lorries, tractors & cars like Morris Minor, Oxford, VW,  Mini, Bedford, early 60s Mercedes Benz, Ford, Datsun (now is known Nissan) to Lister engine ... etc. After completing my Secondary 4 I starter working full time as mechanic and in June 1976 I left for a Vocational Training College in Malacca for 2 years and graduated in 1978. I came to Singapore in the end of 1978 and had work with major & small companies. This Company was started in June 9th 2005 with ACRA:53052109A and my last assignment & training was in JB upgrading my skill in higher end cars like Mercedes Benz and BMW for 2 years and till now I am still learning to keep up with the fast changing world in Automotives Technology.

Our Mission

At Bando Auto. Com. we are committed in providing you with the quality and professional auto repairs and services that you have until now only dreamed of.

Our Motto is we believe in treating our customers and their vehicles kindness and respect & to love their cars just like our own. 

Therefore, we believe that if our customers and their vehicles are treated with the kindness and respect, then we will have a customer for life.

Every customer at Bando is important, therefore we pledge to give you the best auto service as possible, in the most expedient manner and the most affordable price, without compromising the quality of the job you deserve.


Honesty & Integrity in Action!

Auto Repair & Service

Bando Auto. Com is a full service garage offering diagnosis and Repair works on European makes cars ranging from BMWs, Mercedes...etc and Asian like Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru.....Kia, Hyundai...vehicles. 

You can rest & assured that we are qualified and experienced enough to diagnose and repair almost any problem. Of course, there are always some strange and intermittent problems that come ups that not even the worlds best diagnostic scanner could handle and solve the problem, but we are there to the take the challenge and analyses it deeply just as what the manufacturer does. You can be assure of us.

Daniel the expertise in cars and automotives trade
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