What is sideslip alignment? Ever fail your LTA inspection due to alignment? Contact Us and we warrantee that your car's alignment will never fail for less then S$40.00 or money back Guarantee including LTA inspection Fees.  

 Tire alignment is an important aspect of vehicle maintenance that is commonly underestimated or ignored by casual cars owners. Major and expensive problem could originate from misaligned tires, such as damage to the tires or due to the under carriage & suspension System. Such problems which could have been prevented by proper maintaining of the tires alignment and balance. Tires are getting more expensive now days, so as to extend their life and the life span of your car, pay close attention to detect any adverse symptom before it becomes a major problem. You can consult the Service Technician/adviser at Bando Auto.Com

1. What is 4 wheel alignment and do your car really needs one? 
2. What is Castor. My car have a positive/negative castor what does it meant? If too much positive/negative castor what will happen? 
3. What is Camber, My mechanic said that my car had Positive/Negative camber what does it meant? Too much positive/negative camber what will happen? 
4. What is Toe? Too much toe in/out will will happen? 
5. What is Thrust -angle alignment?
6. What if I modify my suspension, tire & rims do I need to do 4 wheel or just sideslip? 
7. I failed my Vicom/LTA inspection alignment test, do I need to sent my car for a 4 wheel alignment in order to pass the inspection?
8. When do I really needs a 4 wheel alignment and do I really needs one? 
9. What are the symptoms of tire wears and is it due to 4 wheel alignment?
10. Will it cause shimmy of the wheel on pavement & premature wear?

4 Wheel alignment

Side Slip alignment

We have the knowledge & well verse on all the above.

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