Types of Tires

Basically there are two types of tires that are commonly used: 

1. Cross ply tires
2. Redial ply tires.
The difference between the two types are as below;

Cross Ply Tires

Cross Ply: a series of plies of cord reinforces a tires at 60 degrees across each other from the direction of travel. 

cross ply construction
Redial Ply Tires

Redial Ply: are series of plies of cord reinforces a tires at 90 degrees to the direction of travel. This help reduce the rolling friction of the tire and does help to achieves better fuel economy than cross/bias ply tires

redial ply construction
Low Profile

Low profile: This term refer to the aspect ratio of the tyre side wall. The ratio is gain by Section Height/Section weidth=Aspect Ratio. Determine the aspect ration of a P255/50/R16 tire. 
low profile tireLow profile tire thens to be more stiff/hard bumpy then normal comfort tires mainly due to their side walls been reduce to prevent side movement of the car especially when cornering.

Racing & Stick Tires

Racing Tires: These are tire that is sticky on its surface, specially design for high speed racing like F1 and other circuit racing. It had very good grips on the road surface but not on wet roads.

cross ply construction
Off Road/sport & street Tire

Off Road tire: These tires are very nosiy when used on normal level road. It causes very loud humming sound mainly due to its design on its tread pattern for more grips on muddy or soil track.

off road tires street tire
Dynamic wheel balancing

Dynamic Wheel balancing: it refer to the wheel been removed and put on to the balancing machine rotating it at a speed of about 300rpm

off car balancing

High Speed balancing

High Speed balancing: The wheel is not removed from the vehicle. It is balance by attaching a machine to the tire and spinning it at a very high speed. Suitable for those who used to race their cars.

on car balancing


Tire Life Span

Tire life: The life span of the tire depends on you the driver. You can prolong their life span by avoiding harsh braking, swaying/ Zee Zaa, sudden pickup at traffic light juntions & over loading your car. Checking your tyre pressure regularly

Tire Rotation

When & how often do I needs to rotate my tires?

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Tire Wear Patterns.  

Different wear indicate different abnormal or under carriage problems. 

1. Wear on the center of tire. 

wear on center

2. Wear on both inner & outer edge/shoulder of the tire.

wear on both edges

3. Wear on inner edge/shoulder of the tire.

wear on inner edge

4. Worn Patched of the tire.

wear on outter edge

5. Bold spot wear on the tire tread.

wave pattern wear

6a. Feather tire wear on the tire tread.


6. Feather tire wear on the tire tread

normal wear

7. tire wear indicator.

normal wear

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