We are specialized in Servicing, Maintenence & Repairs of both Mercedes Benz & BMW cars using Original Diagnostic Equipments, Using Original parts.


 Ravenol lubricant offer Ravenol lubricant offer

   Knowledgeable & 40 years of Experience with servicing accordingly to manufacturer's specification for both Continental and Japanese cars, ranging from Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Subaru, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Mazda Daihatsu.....Hyundai, Kia, Daewoo, Ssanyong..., GM, Renault, Fiat, Chevrolet, Bmw, Mercedes Benz, Audi.....  Trouble shooting & Electronic Diagnosing with OEM and Original Diagnostic Equipments.

Engine & Under Carriage Inspection

Note: At Bando Auto.Com we will hoist up your car for each interval servicing for maintenance inspection. Without Hoisting up the car it will not be able to see what is happening or any sign of abnormal indication of the car carriage. Bolt and Nuts will also be tightened as accordingly to specification of the manufacturer. Prevention is Better then Cure.

Schdule Servicing check absober

At every interval check for shock absorber leakage

car under carraige inspection

Under Under engine compartment leakage check & suspension joint, check

brake fluid test

Brake fluid test for contamination & brake fluid level

car spark plug check

Spark Plug check for worn electro & gap

Coolant leakage test

Coolant leakage pressure check for leakage

cleaning brake dust

Brake cylinder pump check for leakage, brake shoe & pad worn out check & service

checking oil leakage

Automatic Transmission Gear box oil leakage check

Electronic battery test

Battery condition test at every interval

ATF contamination check

Automatic Transmission Fluid Check for contamination by drawing out the Fluid using ATF syringes

Checking of brake oil level

Brake reservoir level check

Checking of Power steering oil level

Power Steering Reservoir level check

Checking of ATF Oil Level

Automatic Transmission Level check

More of Our Service & Parts

Wheel Alignment Electrical Condenser Brake pads /Shoe
Tire /Wheel Alternator Evaporator Disc Rotor / Drum
Under carriage Starter Drier/receiver (desiccant) ABS Control Unit
Shock absorber Fan Motor Air con filter Brake master pump
Drive Shaft Battery Air filter Belting
Gear box Bulbs, Wiper Blades Fuel Filter Bearing