Tips on how to save Fuel.  

As we all knows that cost of gasoline had gone up and up and its really a burden to all car owners be it whether you used it for fetching your children to school, leisure or business. There are a few easy ways to save your monthly fuel cost.

1. Send your car for regular maintenance & servicing as clean engine oil will gives you more mileage due to free of contamination and sludge as we had mentioned before, which can cause friction on all your engine's moving parts and transmission. Poor or sludge formed wheel bearing grease will also causes load on your engine. 

2. Don't used your car as a store, remove all unused or unnecessary thing from your rear boots as this will also add weight/load on to your car. 

3. Check your tires pressure, Low tire pressure causes more drag between your tires & the surface of the road. This causes faster tires wear and will also causes your engine to work harder. In order for the engine to move the extra load created due to drag/friction, more fuel is needed compare to tires that are properly inflated. When traveling long distance increase your tire pressure then normal city driving.

4. Check you sideslip alignment as this could also causes drag and tire wears too. 

5. Don't race your engine the moment when you starts to drive off.

6. Warm up your engine before you drive. 

7. Don't travel as too high speed as over speeding tends to cause aero dyanamic drag. The higher the speed the more the drag is. You may tried it yourself, say traveling at a constant speed of 90kmh and 120 kmh on highways. Therefore keep/maintain at a constant speed between 90 to 100 kmh. Each and every makes have the on speed at which it is the most economical traveling speed. 

8. Shift your gear to neutral/parking car and shift gear accordingly to the needs of your cars' load if your is a manual transmission and do not rest your foot on the clutch pedal.

9. Choose the correct tire size & weight of the rims, over size tires & weight of rims adds load to your car.

10. Take a walk if you destination is nearby.

11. Don't install to many gadgets/accessories in your car like those that consume high amperes that directly will causes your alternator charging system to work harder. It will also shorten your battery & alternator's life span.

12. Drive within you car's best cruising speed of 70kmh to 80kmh or at Malaysian north South highways at 90kmh 100kmh. You can test it out your self to see, at which speed that is most fuel saving when you are cruising. I had tested on motor cycle and my company's diesel van it really do save quite a sum.

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