We repairs, Service All make & model of car air condition.
Most Usual Complaints on Car Air Con

1. Not cold in hot weather
2. Sometime it is cold sometimes it is not
3. Not cold at all time
4. No air coming from louver
5. Noisy when switching on air con
6. Squeaky noise coming from engine compartment when switching on air con
7. Smelly/foul air con
8. Noisy & low air blowing out from the louver
9. Wet floor map

Air Con Servicing

1. Do I need to flush my air con system?
2. How frequently should I serving my air con?
3. How frequent do I need to top up gas

Here at Bando Auto.Com we us deep vacuuming system with Robinair equipment.
1. What is deep vacuuming got to do with my air conditioning?
2. What is two stage vacuuming?

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Replacement of Lexus Cooling Coil

dismantling Lexus coiling coil

Air Con Desiccant replacement (Dryer/Receiver)


Air con Compressor replacement Air Con Compressor pump Air con Condenser

Air con condersor

High & Lower pressure hose

Air con hoses

Charging freon gas

charging gas

Air con expansion valve

expension valve

Replacing Air con filter

air con filter

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