How to prevent Car breakdown

The words "PREVENTION" in cars is equal to "Proper Maintenance". In humans, we need to have a balance diet & rest in order to keep us healthy. We even goes beyond that by taking supplement vitamins. Just like in cars, they too need proper diet "maintenance" too! Isn't it?

Every parts of the cars be it the mechanical, hydraulic or electronics component have a life span and even your coolant too. Some Manufacturer says that long long life lubricant and what does they meant? It means that you do not need to change the lube oil until your transmission totally breaks down. In my personal experience and opinion, nothing in this world is long life. Contamination loss of fluid by either external source or due to wear & tear of the clutches. It is advice able to replace them at certain mileage to prolong their life span, in other words it do save you the huge cost of replacing the whole units or overhaul.  At times it may cause you quite a sum to pay for, but we have to bear in mind prevention is also equal to the safety of yours & loves ones too. So do sent your car for interval maintenance & service. 

At every interval of your servicing our trained mechanic/technician will have a check list for regular checking & inspection likes your brakes pads/shoe, fan belting for hair line cracks, coolant hoses, battery, tires pressure & condition and on. Any abnormal wear & tear found will be highlighted to you. In cases when  further investigation is necessary, we will proceed to do the investigation using Original OBDII Diagnostic equipment for any malfunctions of the electronic control systems of the engine & transmission and a report on the condition with our advice accordingly to the manufacturer's specification shall be given to you. By performing all those checks & inspection you can rest & assured that car breakdown will not happen to you. 

Car breakdown

In events of any breakdowns for what ever reason, please do turn on your hazard lights & put up your Breakdown Red Triangle sign about 150ft (45M) away from the back of your vehicle and for your safety of yourself & Loves ones please "DO NOT STAND BEHIND or BESIDE or SIT INSIDE" of your vehicle, everyone passenger traveling along must stay away from the car. You may ask why? the BIG reason is cars coming behind yours may crash onto yours, just image what will happen if a human being is standing or inside the car. It will cause severe injuries or even worse scenario, lost of life. You could easily purchase a new car as replacement but for human beings?. So by staying behind the road barrier if it had one, if it doesn't had one then, stay away from your car before you makes any call for Breakdown Service/Tow Truck.

In case of any Breakdown we can be Contacted: 6793-0279

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