Engine Coolant

There are primary 3 types of anti-freeze Engine Coolant for your car radiator Cooling System:

1. Ethylene Glycol/Polyethylene. This type of anti freeze coolant is still in used for decade. 

2. Non-Toxic Radiator Coolant (does not contain Ethylene Glycol or Polyethylene

3. Extended-Life Anti-Freeze. (contain Ethylene Glycol or Polyethylene anti-freeze with one or more carboxylate additives)

Others additives include: Nitrates (corrosion inhibitors, Buffers), Silicates (corrosion inhibitor especially for aluminum radiators) and Borates (buffers), Phosphates

Purpose of Coolant 

The main purpose of coolant been added into the radiator is;
1. Prevent corrosion (formation of rust due to oxidation) & clean the system
2. Act as a leakage marker/tracer as coolant comes in either red, green, blue orange or yellow in colors.
3. Helps to lower down the engine temperature
4. Help to lubricate water pump & prevent sludge


Testing of Coolant

 Coolant test by using Refractor meter for contamination could easily know the level of coolant content in the cooling system.

scope test



Coolant Leakage Test 

Test could be done by;

1. Pressure leakage test

pressure leakage test




Damages of engine cooling System without using Coolant 


engine cooling system leakage engine block water jacket leakage engine block water jacket leakage
engine block water jacket leakage corrosion at hose & pipe joints corrosion & water leakage
Can I mixed different types of engine Coolant?

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