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MicroTech ECU-makes your car race like this!

Installation & Tuning Included

Microtech ECU - the racers best choice
Microtech LT8s
MicroTech LT8s
Microtech LT10s
MicroTech LT10s
Microtech LT12s
MicroTech LT12s
Microtech X4/X6 Ignition Modules
MicroTech X4/X6 Ignition Modules
Microtech MT4/LT4
MicroTech MT4/LT4
Microtech MT2
MicroTech MT2

Toyota Paseo

This Toyota Paseo is capable obtaining a speed of 184 MPH @ 7.51 sec using LTX12 ECU

Mazda RX7

Mazda RX 7 Obtaining a speed of 171 MPH @7.69 sec using LTX12 ECU

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Installation & Tuning Included

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